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Arkeos Chronicle, RPG fantasy for Android and PC (offline & online), is a mix of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, in a very attractive world and a beautifull 2D isometric rendering (cartoon style).

Lots of gameplays : fight (melee, magic spells), lots of maps, collect (objects , equipments), craft, forge, mine, factory, succes, quest and missions, merchands, construction ...

Langage : English, French.  (other must be finished and will be added soon : German, Spansh, Italian...)

Details :

- play with 4 characters (2 boys, 2 girls), improve it (level and xp, stats...)

- offline mode and online mode ! In online mode, you can play like in a mmorpg, with the others players (fight, merchandising...)

- Fight (melee, magic spells) more than 20 funny creatures and boss.

- Explore a lots of regions and maps. Currently 10 regions (30 maps) are finished. Others regions are almost finished (+20). Soon, I will add more maps and dongeons.

- Collect, drop (objects, equipments, money, parchments, runes, magic stone, materials...), craft objects and equipments, use the forge to improve your equipments, use the mine to collect metals, collect wood and other ressources. Use the bank to stock your objects.

- Finish the succes to get prices, open chests, use parchments to get skills and improve it, improve your character, improve your magic spells with magic stone.

- Quest : talk with npc to get quests and finish them to win rewards.

- buy a house and improve it.

- and more !

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